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Project Dungganon: A project of NWTF

Aims to help marginalized women from rural and urban communities achieve self-reliance and rise above the mire of poverty by providing them with the training and the credit to start or maintain their own small business ventures. By rendering access to collateral-free credit through loans and other services, Dungganon helps them discover their own entrepreneurial spirit and realize their potential to effect positive change in their lives and their communities.

Project Kasanag: A project of NWTF

Targets rural and urban microentrepreneurs providing low-interest individual loans meant to help them acquire the capital and assets to maintain their businesses. Kasanag also offers client-support services, such as business evaluations and entrepreneurial seminars to help clients grow their businesses.

KIVA is a crowdfunding, non-profit organization that leverages the internet and their network of microfinance field partners to alleviate global poverty.


Retail | Personal Products Sales
A loan of $225 helped Merlyn to purchase additional stock of Avon, Natasha and other personal care products.
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Food | Fishing
A loan of $125 helped Merly to purchase food for fish and maintenance for her business.
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Education | Higher education costs
A loan of $125 helped Luisa to pay for tuition fees.
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Housing | Personal Housing Expenses
A loan of $225 helped Aurora to build a sanitary toilet for her family.
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Retail | General Store
A loan of $325 helped Lolita to purchase additional stocks of household goods to sell.
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Retail | General Store
A loan of $150 helped Myrna to buy items to sell like beverages, canned goods, snack foods, home care products, and other groceries.
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Ma. Lenie

Agriculture | Pigs
A loan of $275 helped Ma. Lenie to buy feed and other supplies to raise her pigs.
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Retail | General Store
A loan of $225 helped Lorita to buy additional items to sell in her general store.
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Mary Anne

Agriculture | Farming
A loan of $125 helped Mary Anne to buy fertilizer and other farm supplies, as well as pay the salaries of her workers.
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Food | Fruits & Vegetables
A loan of $350 helped Heidy to buy squash, pineapples, beans, and green leafy vegetables to sell.
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Agriculture | Pigs
A loan of $275 helped Marylen to buy feed and other supplies to raise her pigs.
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