Ruth Dongon knew that relying on a catch of fish daily would not provide for her family’s needs and support her dreams of a home, safety and security for her family, and seeing all her four children graduate college. Inspired by these dreams, she seized every opportunity. Her first loan release of PhP2,000 in 1997 grew to PhP20,000 in 2009. With her fishing business thriving, she expanded into crab, prawn and shrimp vending, and has since afforded to purchase an additional five pump boats. She also entered into an advantageous agreement with a buyer who set up a commissary near Ruth’s home where the fresh crab from her suppliers can be cooked and packaged for market shelves. Her journey wasn’t entirely without hurdles. Overcoming a catastrophic storm where she incurred losses and damages close to PhP300,000, Ruth and her family weren’t demoralized, but instead worked even harder to gain everything back. Her suppliers have reached more than 80, spread across nearby townships. The Dongon family have built a home and a burgeoning business which they want to pass on to their children; a legacy she hopes will last them a lifetime.

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