Water for breakfast and a scanty serving of dried fish to feed nine mouths each day, Darna Selayo made a decision to change the fate of her family. Her first Project Dungganon loan of PhP1,500 in 2002 was used to make bread and other simple snacks. She used those snacks to barter with co-laborers of the rice fields in exchange for rice plants. In turn, she would mill the rice and sell it to her neighbors, increasing her profit margins. Her 2nd loan was used to purchase a hand tractor which would be available for rent and operated by her husband, Honorato. Darna and her husband were able to save and purchase more farm equipment and a multi-cab which they also offer for lease. As the children grew, they became more involved in the business. The Selayo family now live in a three-bedroom, concrete home and no longer suffer from hunger and destitution. Although their traumatic past now seems hazy, the memories will forever propel Darna forward to success.

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