Education and Training

“Continuously learning for a sustainable tomorrow”

Learning is never ending, cliché as it may be but there is truth to this. Learning is one’s greatest investment because acquiring information and skills enables us to be productive and thus, help one to progress in life.

After providing access to financial capital, NWTF provides its clients support to sustain their businesses and grow holistically. It provides business development and livelihood skills training that enables clients to further grow their business. It also offers scholarships to clients’ children so they too can have a brighter tomorrow.

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Changing with you for a greener tomorrow! ”

Climate change effects, deforestation and improper waste disposal are major environmental issues that has affected NWTF’s clients and the rest of the country. NWTF’s environmental program through its main projects: Walk to Plant and Dungganon Clean up aims to inform staff and clients of the human footprint in the environment and introduce ways to mitigate further damage for a greener tomorrow.

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Health and Wellness

“Working with you, for a healthier tomorrow”

Health goes hand in hand with wealth. NWTF provides wellness services to its clients through its medical missions, PD Clinics, pharmacies and medical laboratories tie-ups. By offering these services, NWTF ensures that clients have access especially in rural areas to health services that they need to keep themselves healthy. In 2019 alone, we have organized over 800 medical missions across all areas where we work, with focus on rural parts since they are more vulnerable and have limited access to these services.

Health and Wellness Fact Sheet
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“Working with you for a brighter tomorrow”

NWTF is a Microfinance Institution that provides financial services to the poor. The financial support given includes loans, savings and insurances. Our flagship projects are the following:

Project Dungganon – Dungganon – a Hiligaynon word meaning honorable, is the flagship project of NWTF that offers group-based loans utilizing the Grameen lending methodology. It aims to help poor women from rural communities achieve self-reliance and rise above poverty.

Project Kasanag – Kasanag – a Hiligaynon word meaning light or brightness, offers individual micro-business loans designed for micro-entrepreneurs in need of additional capital for their growing business.

Microfinance Fact Sheet
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Social Business

“Together with you in building better tomorrows”

NWTF believes in the youth to become bearers of hope to a brighter tomorrow. In initiating the conversation about Social Business in universities in Negros, it hopes that youth will be inspired to develop solutions to society’s problems innovatively and with an eye towards societal good and not just individual profit.

Social Business Factsheet
WASH Factsheet
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“Connecting all for a better tomorrow”

NWTF Integrated Systems Corp (NIS) was founded to support NWTF’s growing information technological needs by managing the overall Information Technology infrastructure of the organization. It aims to provide expertise in Information Technology Systems by maintaining networks and communication channels and developing and maintaining software for use by the organization

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