“The Dreams of a Mother”

Without a doubt, when mothers are asked what their dream is, their answer would always include something they want for their children. Jenelyn, a wife and a mother of five, clearly is one of those types.

“My husband and I never finished school, so we’re doing everything we can for our children to finish their college degrees,” shared Jenelyn.

Originally from Mindoro, Jenelyn was not fortunate enough to pursue a degree. She had to drop out of school and try her luck in the capital to earn money for her family. This is where she met her husband Noel, and as their love story bloomed, it led to their five wonderful children.  

Both of them decided to build their own family in Jenelyn’s hometown, Mindoro.  However, Noel’s father got sick, and he had to be there for him. 

“So I went with my husband to his hometown in Negros Occidental to care for his ailing father and at the same time raise our kids,” shared Jenelyn.

Jenelyn admits that raising children is never easy.  It is a full-time commitment that every parent is responsible for. It entails a lot of sacrifices and hardships. But while that is true, the strength of a mother is not that is easily sapped away by any difficulty.

“Once there came a time that she had to leave her children and husband to work again as a household helper in Manila to provide for their family,” she recalled. 

Looking back, she shared that “there were days when we did not have enough food to eat, we would settle for noodles.”

But she considered being away from her family the most challenging decision that she had to make. Missing her family, it didn’t take long for her to return home and find means to support her children while being physically present and not away from them.

She learned of Project Dungganon and convinced her husband if she could join. Without her knowing, this decision would lead her to a more comfortable life and a few steps closer to reaching her dreams for her kids.

Jenelyn recalls how she started a hog-raising business from a Php 2,000 loan. Whatever she earns from the fattening pigs, she sets aside some for savings, and the other portion of her income goes back to the capital to buy more piglets.

She also raises a sow (mother pig) and is hands-on in growing her business for the future of her family. Her sheer determination and hard work, and her husband’s full support, led to a more comfortable life they are now living.

Their success is seen in how she was able to have her second child, Noel, become a seafarer while her only daughter, Dana, became a teacher. 

“My eldest son will be graduating soon too, while Joshua and my youngest Neil will be finishing their degrees next year and the year after that, respectively,” Jenelyn proudly shared while beaming with a bright smile.

Jenelyn shared how Project Dungganon was instrumental to this accomplishment, “three of my kids benefited greatly from Project Dungganon’s school loan.”

“I am very proud to be part of Dungganon. If not for them, how will my children finish their degrees? I have to admit that we were not earning enough. That is why I am very grateful to Dungganon for helping me support my children to finish college,” added Jenelyn.

The dreams Jenelyn and her husband worked so hard for are now almost within reach because, in two years, all of her children will have graduated from college. But what was more inspiring than her story was how even with all that she could accomplish in life, she keeps a humble heart and is grateful for everyone who has been part of her journey towards reaching her dreams.

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