Milagros, her husband Loreto, and their three children are a tight-knit family that together manage and operate their businesses which include rice production, rice retail outlet, sari-sari store (small convenience store), and piggery. Early in their marriage, husband and wife started their lives together on a 2-hecatre rice farm. To augment the seasonal income from rice farming, Milagros set up a sari-sari store. In 2001, she made her first loan with Project Dungganon of PhP5,000 and infused that capital into her store. Conjointly, Milagros used her subsequent loans and revenue to develop what would soon become diversified, family-operated business. Because their mother encouraged them to be involved in the day-to-day operations as children, it was no surprise to Milagros that each of them joined the business after graduating getting their degrees. Her eldest son runs rice production and the pig farm, while the eldest daughter runs takes charge of the sari-sari, and the youngest managing the rice retail outlet. The family holds regular business meetings to discuss operations, targets and future plans. One of those goals achieved is the construction of a concrete warehouse to store their rice and the acquisition of a delivery truck. The family is now working towards building a rice mill.

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