NWTF’s clients are women from the poorest sectors of society. These mothers and wives struggle to provide the basic needs for their families. We at NWTF hope to give them the tools to not only provide for their basic needs, but to live dignified and independent lives as well.

What We Do


How do we identify our clients?

NWTF employs a number of tools to help us directly identify our target clientele. We aim to provide our services to as many poor women and their families as possible.

Poverty Mapping is, quite simply, the creation of a map of a given area. This process helps us assess a locality’s economic situation, and directly identify the poorest households in the community.

The Progress out of Poverty Index, or PPI, allows us to ascertain our clients’ living conditions and economic situations firsthand. It gives us an overview of our client’s economic situation and lets us track her status over time. It includes a scoring system that determines whether or not an individual fits into NWTF’s target client criteria.


NWTF takes the adage, “Give a man a fish and you’ve fed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you’ve fed him for a lifetime,” to heart by providing our clients with the tools and information to realize their own potential.

Compulsory Group Training is a compulsory 3-day training course meant to teach client groups about our policies, principles, and procedures; and to reinforce the group’s sense of accountability and responsibility to one another.

The Group Recognition Test, or GRT, allows us to ensure that each member of our clients’ 5-member group has sufficient income-generating and survival skills to create a sustainable livelihood, understands how to manage her credit-line, and is willing and able to exercise good credit discipline.


Dungganon is a Hiligaynon word that means honorable or noble. Project Dungganon aims to help poor women from rural communities achieve self-reliance and rise above the mire of poverty by providing them with the training and the access to capital to maintain or start their own small business ventures. By providing access to collateral-free capital through group loans and other services, Dungganon helps them discover their own entrepreneurial spirit and realize their potential to effect positive change.

Kasanag means light or brightness in Hiligaynon. Aimed towards rural and urban micro entrepreneurs, it provides low-interest, individual loans meant to help Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises acquire business assets and capital to maintain their businesses.

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