“Dirty ice cream”, or Sorbetes (traditional Philippine ice cream), has become synonymous with the Mahinay family name in Bacolod City. Susan and her husband, Felipe, set out to become the best “dirty ice cream” producers in town. A Filipino favourite, “dirty ice cream” isn’t dirty at all; in fact it is made with real fruit, the freshest milk and little to no preservatives, sold on the streets in colourful wooden carts with large stainless steel containers. Over 20 years ago, the Mahinay’s started their small Sorbetes business from their savings of PhP20,000 with PhP13,000 going to the cost of building their first cart and the balance for ingredients. There was demand for their product in the market and they added a cart every three months. Looking to expand even more, Susan approached Project Kasanag for an individual loan of PhP10,000 in 2003. Five consecutive loans later, Susan repaired her existing delivery van and purchased another to meet the demands of their flourishing business. Mahinay Sorbetes caters to all walks of life in the city with their products sold by ambulatory vendors across town and purchased by others for private parties. They have amassed a fleet of over 20 carts, a team of peddlers, and regular private clients. Their attention to quality, consistency and excellent flavor has contributed to their success and reputation.

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