The purpose of the Human Resources and Compensation Committee (“the HR Committee”) is to provide, on behalf of the Board of Trustees (the “Board”), a focus on human resource and compensation issues consistent with the organization’s objective to achieve its vision, mission and goals. The Committee provides oversight to human resource issues including the evaluation and compensation of the Executive Director.
  1. The Human Resources and Compensation Committee shall be comprised of seven (7) members with three (3) Trustees, and four (4) non-Trustees who may be management representatives or non-Board foundation members.
  2. Committee members shall be appointed by the Board in accordance with the Guidelines for Committees in Section 2N.
  3. The Committee shall operate in a manner that is consistent with the Committee Operating Guidelines that apply to all Committees and which are outlined in Section 2N of the Board Governance Manual.
  4. The Committee will meet at least once each year and more frequently at the call of the Committee chair.
  5. The Secretary to the Committee will be the Executive Office Manager functioning as the Board secretariat.
  1. Recommend to the Board a performance evaluation process for the Executive Director.
  2. Once the Board has approved the performance evaluation process, lead the implementation of the evaluation process.
  3. Provide a report on the findings of the evaluation process to the Board for review prior to discussing these findings with the Executive Director.
  4. Review and recommend to the Board the Executive Director’s compensation.
  5. Review NWTF’s compensation philosophy and guidelines, and where appropriate, make recommendations for changes to the Board of trustees.
  6. Review and approve short- and long-term succession plans for the Executive Director.
  7. If and when applicable, review with the Executive Director existing management resources and plans to ensure that qualified personnel will be available for succession to key management positions.
  8. If and when applicable, review major changes in the management organizational structure as proposed by the Executive Director.
  9. Review NWTF’s Human Resource Policies from time to time.
  10. Review with the Executive Director any significant outside commitments the Executive Director is considering before the commitment is made. This includes commitments to act as a director or trustee of for-profit and non- profit organizations.
  11. At the request of the Board Chair or the Board, undertake such other human resource or compensation initiatives as may be necessary or desirable to contribute to the success of NWTF.
  1. The Committee chair has the responsibility to make periodic reports to the Board as requested, on Human Resource and Compensation matters respecting NWTF.
  2. The Committee shall report its discussions to the Board by maintaining minutes of its meetings and distributing those minutes at the next Board meeting, and providing an oral report where required at the next Board meeting.