Victoria Bantillan

Now fifty-four years old, Victoria looks back and recounts her journey through poverty. Daughter of a sugar cane plantation worker […]

Rosita Pabalan

Capital, hard work, compliance with business regulations, compassion for employees, strong customer relationships, and product quality–these are the reasons for […]

Milagros Galvez

Milagros, her husband Loreto, and their three children are a tight-knit family that together manage and operate their businesses which […]

Julie Villanueva

Julie and Nonito Villanueva are a perfect example of thinking out of the box. The couple saw the opportunity in […]

Mary Jane Lagunay

Mary Jane shared a shanty with her husband’s siblings in a fishing village. Living conditions were poor and unhealthy, especially […]

Myrna Millarez

Myrna and her husband, Guillermo, met while she was in high school and married after graduation. They lived in a […]

Daria Ango

Daria Ango was content living her life as a housewife to her husband, Agapito. She would spend her days on […]

Zosima Ybañez

Zosima first started buying and selling firewood that she would peddle to bakeries across her town. Parents of 10 children, […]

Jesusa Altamera

Like countless others in her community, Jesusa Altamera was no stranger to poverty. It was a constant struggle to provide […]

Virginia Lubguban

Virginia and Aly Lubguban had foresight, were goal-oriented, and always worked as a team. Early in their marriage they invested […]