Marilou Pelaez

Marilou Pelaez credits her resolve to hardships she endured in her life: peddling fish in the market as a young […]

Evangeline Miñoza

Geline and husband, Winnie, met in a meat shop where they both worked for close to five years. They used […]

Marilyn Catacutan

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure rings true for Marilyn Catacutan who established her healthy business by creating a […]

Susan and Felipe Mahinay

“Dirty ice cream”, or Sorbetes (traditional Philippine ice cream), has become synonymous with the Mahinay family name in Bacolod City. […]

Leonida Gimay

“If it seems like are more financially stable now, it is because my husband and I are hardworking people, trustworthy […]

Virginia Lastima

Virginia Lastima, married to Marcelito, was determined to make a living for her family. The little savings that they garnered […]

Jocelyn Sanipa

Jocelyn was born in 1968, the tenth of thirteen children. The family of thirteen, raised by their father alone, experienced […]

Jamilla Pasilaban

Jamilla Pasilaban knew that reaching her dreams and goals she set for herself and her family would take a lot […]

Ruth Dongon

Ruth Dongon knew that relying on a catch of fish daily would not provide for her family’s needs and support […]

Darna Selayo

Water for breakfast and a scanty serving of dried fish to feed nine mouths each day, Darna Selayo made a […]